Taking a Break


As you can probably tell, I’ve been taking a break from blogging. Ok, it’s more than a break, it’s more like a long hiatus.


Almost a year ago, I had a minor heart attack and went to the doctor. I haven’t been to a doctor since leaving Rhode Island almost seven years ago.

Blood tests and examinations and discussions came to the conclusion (and diagnosis) that I was a hypertensive diabetic. Hypertensive I got. I had been medicated in Rhode Island for my blood pressure. But diabetic?!? Seriously?

Yes, it turns out that my pancreas had decided it was time to go on vacation. Permanently it seems. No insulin for me, yet. Relatively managed with medication, lifestyle changes and serious diet control. As with a lot of Americans, I have a passion for all things bread. No longer.

I now have to be VERY careful what I eat and when. I have a medication that gives my pancreas a little kickstart if I’m going to eat anything with more than a few carbohydrates. There are a few things I can put together that aren’t as detrimental, but one of my favorites (frybread tacos) are dangerous. It’s really hard to reduce the size of the frybread!


I have discovered that I can exercise and have a positive impact on both my blood sugar and my blood pressure. I have a device, called a Bowflex, in the basement. It’s extremely versatile in the variety of exercises that can be performed. Think of it as a home gym that takes little more space than a recliner.


One of the nice things about the Bowflex being in the basement is the temperature. When it’s warm (hot) outside, like summer can get here, it’s cool down there. When it’s cold outside (like it is as I write this), it’s, well, not as cold. The temperature in the basement stays pretty consistently around 50-55 degrees.

Part of my problem is that I’m also expanding my knowledge of web technologies and business acumen, specifically, marketing. I’ve been a computer geek all my adult life. Even before there were personal computers, I was working as a field service technician on computer systems.


My big push lately is learning marketing for the digital age. Not for myself, but for my wife. She has, what we hope is, a viable product line. I have committed myself to making her “business” grow. I’m learning the tips and tricks to effective marketing. At least I hope I am.

To that end, I have been working on redesigning the web sites under the Laughing Bear umbrella. Trying to wrap my head around responsive design. Coping with how to design emails that not only get opened but also clicked.


I have set myself a deadline for the release of the new sites. I hope it’s a realistic deadline. There just seems to be SO MUCH to learn and implement!

In the meantime, I MUST budget my time to incorporate the Bowflex. I MUST get into a routine. I am still making sure that we are ready for what if. I am learning the processes that create her product line. I am also the principal photographer, for all our endeavors.


I hope this note finds you well and safe. By all means,
Keep Getting Ready!

Monday Musings – Liquid Laundry Soap

This post first appeared on The LaughingBear Blog


It’s been my responsibility to take care of the laundry since before we left Rhode Island. I did my laundry when I was on the road, so it seemed appropriate that I would do so at home. Well, there was also the minor detail that if I didn’t it could take three days for it to get done.

That also meant that I made all the purchases related to laundry. Softener, detergent, stain remover. There were skin sensitivities in the house so I had to be careful. When we got to New Mexico, there was a chance those sensitivities were no longer with us and I could pursue less costly options.

Water for Soap

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Monthly Spotlight – July 2016

This month I’m excited to bring you the first spotlight! Todd Walker of Survival Sherpa, or should I say, Todd Walker IS the Survival Sherpa. (He has a shirt that says so!)

July 2016 Spotlight

Todd very graciously accepted my first invitation and took the time out of his busy schedule to answer my questions and send back the reply.

After the interview, you’ll find links to Todd’s web site and his Facebook group, The Doing the Stuff Network.
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Scrumptious Saturday – Frybread

Frybread. Say the word almost anywhere in the country and you’ll elicit groans of immediate hunger and drooling. It’s a fact! One of the simplest recipes can result in SO many variations that I’ll have to put together another post!

This post, however, is simply to showcase the basic recipe used in our home and how easy it is to create tasty, wonderful, delicious, mouth-watering … Sorry. I get carried away.

Plain Frybread

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Freedom Friday – Second Amendment Argument

I recently saw a post that the 2nd amendment never meant to cover civilians, average people. Rather than debate it myself, I will quote the founding fathers arguments regarding the 2nd amendment:

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Wisdom Wednesday – Simple Fear or Getting Ready for What If?

In light of the political, economic and social climate in the United States today, I offer this survey. I received it in an email that asked for responses unfettered by the standard survey format. An open ended response allowing the reader to express whatever impressions they wanted.

I decided there was too much involved in these questions to simply write in a box. I am reproducing it here in order to begin a discussion, not an argument. Opinions are personal. If you offer yours, please, do so in a civil manner.


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Monday Musings – Relocation

Tactical Relocation or Just Move?

This post first appeared at The LaughingBear Blog

In most cases, the question has been to Bug Out or Bug In. This question refers to where you are right now. Sometimes, though, the question becomes, “Is where I am right now a good place to do either?” I would venture to say that attempting to Bug In if you live in metropolitan Los Angeles (or just about any major metropolis in this country), your odds are probably not good. Let’s face it, there are a LOT of people there! In fact, just have a look at the majority of videos being produced by Mark Dice. Mark has a way of showing the simplicity behind the mentality in the area.

How many of them do you think are preparing? Some folks are “prepared” to hunker down and try to stay safe because of the gang activity. Since I left in 1993, it seems the number of gangs has multiplied exponentially. Where I grew up, in the San Gabriel Valley, we didn’t worry much about the Bloods and the Crips (they were over there), we worried about Sangra and Lomas. The last time I was there, neither of them seemed to have a presence in the area. They had been replaced by Asian gangs.

Los Angeles City Hall 1931

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Freedom Friday – The Constitutional Amendments

Below is a text transcript of the amendments to the Constitution of the United States following the Bill of Rights. You’ll note that within the body of certain amendments, there are asterisks referencing modifications by later amendments.

Amendments 11-27

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Traffic Stops

Traffic stops have been in the news lately. The stories have been taken by the Mainstream Media and turned into circuses. In some cases, police have been accused of use of excessive force. Immediately. Sometimes the case has been shown to have been one of bad behavior on the part of the driver.

In my opinion, a LOT of the “bad” traffic stops could have been avoided. A simple adjustment in attitude could have avoided unnecessary pain for both parties.

Traffic Stop

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